Foundation for Reproductive and Tropical Health

Improving the health of families and communities through decent health care, research and capacity building

Foundation for Reproductive and Tropical Health (FORTH)



Decent Care


Healthy and productive individuals, families and communities in Uganda


To contribute to national and global efforts of providing health care services through provision of quality and comprehensive hospital and community-based services, research and training


(i)   Establish a state-of-the-art hospital providing decent care, and responding comprehensively to reproductive and tropical health problems.

(ii)  To provide preventive, rehabilitative and promotional community based health services for and in partnership with communities in Eastern Uganda

(iii)  To conduct participatory research in partnerships to contribute to understanding of and finding solutions to health care problems and systems

(iv) To provide quality training to contribute to development of a knowledgeable and skilled health work force to respond to health care needs of the population


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"Imbalu" Cultural Circumcision for Bamasaba in Sironko District, Uganda


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Uganda Health Sector Stategic plan III realeased

 Uganda's Ministry of Health recently released the Health sector strategic plan  III (HSSP III) for the period 2010/11 - 2014/15. This is a plan that build on the the first two plans i.e. HSSP I & II. The plan aims at providing the highest possible level of health to all people in Uganda through promotion, prevention, curative and rehabilitative health services at all levels. It also adopts approaches that are 'client centered' and promotes rights to highest attainable levels of health. The HSSP III has four priories and these are:

  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Child health
  • Health education and,
  • Control and prevention of communicable diseases (HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis)

FORTH's mission and core programmes on maternal and child health are in line with the HSSP III priorities